Test ZOOM call with multiple connections via WEB

I use Zoom (paid subscripton) do to livestreaming for doctors, OBS is my output platform and I use ZOOM for A/V ingest.
Until last week I was able to rehearse each livestreaming using multiple zoon connections on my webrowser. As I have a different number of participants each day, it’s impostant for screen mapping with OBS (no NDI still).

Today when I was doing my rehearsal I found out that as soon as I log the 2nd “guest” the 1st one is logged off so I can have only one connection with the browser.

Is there a way to have the previous behavor back?


Hey @jwoelpl,

Are you using the Web SDK for this? If you are using the Zoom Web Client or the Zoom App, the support team will be able to better assist. You can reach out to them via support.zoom.us.


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