Testing connection to websocket


Our app runs on wifi networks that might not be allowing connections to some of the Zoom servers. So our user might be unable to connect to a Zoom meeting depending on the network they are using.

We would like our users to know beforehand if they are unable to access the Zoom servers, so we are trying to build a connection tester to avoid frustration. We took the URL from the network tab after successfully joining a meeting and we were able to create a web socket to that URL using a small script, and that is what we need.

So my question is, is there a way for us to get a list of URLs for different regions so that we can test the app connection to Zoom?


const zoomWebSocketUrls = 'wss://zoomdv85128116rwg.dv.zoom.us'

const testZoomWebSocketConnection = (zoomWebSocketUrl: string) => {
  return new Promise((resolve) => {
    try {
      const ws = new WebSocket(zoomWebSocketUrl)

      ws.addEventListener('open', (event) => {
        console.log('WebSocket connection to Zoom servers successful:', event)

      ws.addEventListener('error', (event) => {
        console.error('WebSocket connection to Zoom servers failed:', event)
    } catch (err) {

Motivation: A couple of months ago Zoom had a server outage, which caused our clients to attempt to connect to the China server somehow, and the firewall was blocking those connections. So we would like our script to attempt to connect to each server and warn us if any of the connections fail.

Hi @jvzanatta
Thanks for reaching out to us
I am looking internally for this, I am not aware of a public list/documentation that I can share with you but allow me to ask around and will get back to you

In the meantime, here is a support article that I am hoping could be helpful

Thanks Elisa. Looking forward to a solution that can allow us to verify access to the necessary WebSockets.

Just wondering if there’s been any progress on my previous question. No rush, but an update would be greatly appreciated when you get a chance.

Hi @jvzanatta
Sorry about the late reply here.
Let me re-engage with my team and will get back to you

Thanks we really appreciate it! I am available to provide further explanation if necessary.