Web SDK Attempting Connections to Invalid Servers (zoomsjc)

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Web Meeting SDK 2.11.5
Web Meeting SDK 2.12.2

Starting yesterday (2023-05-30) at approximately 9pm PT users began reporting an inability to join video visits from specific geographic locations (California).

The following domain is throw a web socket failed connection error: zoomsjc156451941rwg.sjc.zoom.us

This issue seems similar to a previously reported error. Following the steps from Ryan in that post we see similar connection response to this server:

$ wscat -c wss://zoomsjc156451941rwg.sjc.zoom.us/wc/api

error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Similar to the post linked above, we see the following error in the console:

WebSocket connection to 'wss://zoomsjc15645208rwg.sjc.zoom.us/wc/api/XXX?...` failed: 

Troubleshooting Routes
We have confirmed users are able to join the same meeting through the same web SDK flow from outside of California.

The latest Web SDK version (2.12.2) and the previous version we were using (2.11.5) both present the error.

Mobile SDK (iOS and Android) are not affected by this issue.

We noticed this post on the Status Page which may be related although to the domain being unreachable.

Hi @nijay , thank you for raising this here. This is related to a service issue posted to our status page.

I’m going to close this post and organize around this post from Rahul: