Testing the App locally Error

While Testing the app locally we face this issue

Why this issue occurs please provide any possible solution for this

Also We have submitted the request for approval for our app, but we got this email from zoom side, in there we got some submissions issues shown below in image, which i can’t figure it out,

  1. Dev/Prod Redirect duplicated issue i figured it out
  2. Missing a Test plan i can’t figured it out what is this
  3. Also, I can’t figured No Deauthorization info in Documentation, From where i can Provide it
  4. In Deauthorization Notification section, i provide my app webhook url is it right?

Hey @pabbly,

The redirect url issue is on your end, note you are on your website.

As for the submission issues:

No deauthorization info in documentation:
Uninstallation (Required): A guide to uninstalling the app from your Zoom account. Notify the user the implications of Deauthorization, and how you will remove their data. If your app has specific requirements, be sure to include these. A simple list like the following will suffice, as uninstallation is handled by Zoom

Please provide a test plan with a step by step guide on how to configure and use each part of the integration.

Let me know if that clears things up! :slight_smile:


Hi tommy thanks for the reply

Wanna ask from where i could provide unInstallation and Deauthorization regarding information during app submission, as i look in zapier they provided their App doc like this
{ https://zoomappdocs.docs.stoplight.io/zapier }

But if i want to provide my app documentation in same format inside zoomappdocs then what
should be done form my end, do i need to provide the documentation url separately and u guys will format that info in zoomaapdocs or is there a separate section of zoomapp docs
from where i could fill the App documentation in there?

I am also not clear about Deauthorization notification section

What is Endpoint Url? Which url i need to put there, For now i place the webhook url there
Also could you provide me sample of how Deauthorization info looks like it will be helpful for us

Hey @pabbly, you are welcome! :slight_smile:

The deauth info will need to go on your documentation.

Since we (Zoom) developed the Zapier app, we have it hosted here: { https://zoomappdocs.docs.stoplight.io/zapier }

You will have to host it on your own page.

Your webhook url is fine! Here is the flow:


Used different redirect uri for Development and Production section as development redirect uri is used in testing the app local, also i have mentioned that Development Redirect uri in whitelist URl section

Testing it locally i see this error

I just want to know what should be appear here, if it runs without any error

If u have any sample regarding this please share with us, if will be very helpful

Hey @pabbly,

This is your page, not Zoom’s page:


This issue is on your end. Please check your logic and why that error message is being thrown.


Hey Tommy,
Thanks for the reply

Do you have any sample of local testing, what does it shows finally upon successful testing the app locally, we want to know this, then i can figure out the problem

Does it redirect to URI upon successful testing or anything just want to know the what outcome does it give on successful testing, any samples or screenshot will be very helpful

Hey @pabbly,

Gotcha! Yes, it will redirect to your redirect url that you supply in your OAuth apps marketplace settings on the Credentials page, with a code query param in the url: