The video SDK in the web application keeps reconnecting about every 10 minutes

The video SDK in the web application keeps reconnecting every 10 minutes

I am utilizing a video SDK for my web application.

SDK version: 1.7.10

 const zmClient = ZoomVideo.createClient();
    let stream: MediaStream;
    zmClient.join(,sessionAuth.token,sessionAuth.username,sessionAuth.password).then(async res => {
      stream = zmClient.getMediaStream()
    }).catch((error) => {
      console.warn('error', error)

However, when initiating a meeting with the Android app, I am consistently receiving the “connection-change” with payload {state: 'Reconnecting', reason: 'failover'} event approximately every 10 minutes.

The Android app functions as expected when utilizing the Video SDK and they are in the same network condition.

The log looks like

meeting failover,{"reason":9,"count":1,"interval":49839,"meetingId":"{E}xxxx{/E}","meetingNumber":"{E}xxxx{/E}","userName":"{E}web1{/E}","userEmail":"{E}{/E}"}

This recurring event may impact the stability of the video communication.
I kindly request your expertise in investigating and addressing this issue to ensure a seamless meeting experience.

Hey @xiaoming

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you share the session ID that has the failover issue with us?


Sure, session id is OLlefrrERCeac8p9XJ1IOw==

Any help is appreciated.

Hey @xiaoming

Did you encounter this issue again in subsequent tests?

We analyzed this session, it did disconnect from Zoom server, the reason for it may be an unstable network.
If you have the same issue next time, please let us know and share the session ID with us. We will investigate it further.


Hi @vic.yang

Despite our efforts, intermittent reconnections are still being observed.

the reason for it may be an unstable network.
Thank you for providing this information. It’s worth noting that the Android app is functioning normally and using the same network as the web client.

And we have observed that the IP address and connection type of the web client change after each reconnection.

For example, session 70pX0FIwSEOpde1DDRna0Q==, web client changes connection type from ssl to udp, and Android app will not change.

We would like to understand if these changes have any impact on the stability of the video communication. Your expert insights on this matter would be greatly help.

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