The Zoom Webinar keep sending the wrong webhook notification


@tommy, @michael_p.zoom
The Zoom Webinar keep sending the wrong webhook notification on screen share once it sends correct notification
after few seconds its start sending the webinar.sharing_ended notification but the screen share is not ended

webinar.sharing_ended it won’t stop sending this notification it’s continually coming after a few seconds

and lastly, I notice the webhook response has dropped way much it responded after 2-7 mins after an event has occurred!
Kindly update me #ASAP

Hey @khizar.zech,

This is strange. What version of the Web SDK are you using?

Can you please confirm you are sending a 200 OK response back after receiving a webhook?


Yes, I return Ok () which is 200 in .net core
Here is a screen shot

Today I change this and tested again for now its seems to be working
but kindly give me some solid solution how should I tackle this

I tested today again it seem to be working fine for now, but kindly suggest me what should I do to receive correct notification.

Kindly reply after reviewing above, I’ve been waiting for a while now

Hey @khizar.zech,

We are looking into this issue. Can you share a webinar screen share stopped webhook JSON with us so we can debug?


Okay, I will upload Json.
To regenerate this error follow these steps…

Host(Alpha ) Schuele new webinar & starts the webinar plus he shares his screen
Then A Particent (Beta) join the meeting with WEB-SDK
Then Particent (Beta) leave the meeting

here is how I receive the notification, this is the exact sequence.

  1. webinar.started
  2. webinar.sharing_started
  3. webinar.participant_joined
  4. webinar.participant_left
  5. webinar.sharing_ended

As you can see host has not stopped screen share but still it is giving notification that webinar.sharing_ended.

Thanks for the additional details @khizar.zech.

Have you sent in the JSON yet for us to look at?