Token based login

Dear Team,


Please clarify following points:


  1. Can we restrict a user to inter the meeting room only once. In other words, a user logged in from a device should not be allowed to login from any other device.
  2. How can we hide the URL from end user so that they can not temper the query string?
  3. How can we open the URL in a iframe?
  4. Can we create a taken based login. The token should be disabled/expired as soon as it is used for first successful login.



Hey Bipin, 

Thank you for the questions. To answer them:

  1. This is currently not possible and we will take this into consideration for possible use cases.

  2. The URL displayed to end users can not tamper any settings related to your end. The creators private API key and secret are                  required to make changes to the meetings or webinars.

  3. If you have a meeting URL then: <iframe src=“meeting URL”></iframe>

  4. This is possible through some coding; When the user logs in the first time, fetch User ID using API endpoint …/user/getbyemail and          then …/user/revoketoken from user by passing their user id and email. 



user/revoketoken does not return token value. 

if you look at this link:

you may see the result:

Example Response

  "id": "unique_id",
  "email": "",
  "updated_at": "2013-09-02T12:00:00Z"

also when I request by /user/getbyemail

token is empty.

Here is how to limit participants joining on multiple devices: