Token expired. Please login error using Zoom CCX integration with Salesforce CTI

We are using the Zoom CCX app from the Salesforce App Marketplace to enable screen pops within our Service Cloud of Salesforce. Agents constantly get an error “Token expired. Click to log in again.” I have gone through and deleted and added our OAuth connection to Salesforce from the Zoom Settings for Contact Center Management, and the error persists. Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.

Hi Neil,

Does this error happen when agents start their shifts, or does this error happen repeatedly during their shift?

We are aware of an issue where this error can happen at the beginning of the shift, as the integration does need to refresh the token after the agent reconnects. The workaround for now is the agent should just be able to F5/refresh their browser and we do expect to resolve this in an update.

If the issue is happening repeatedly during shift, this is not expected and I would recommend to open a support case so that the support team can review logs to determine the root cause.

Hi Justin,

This error happens repeatedly. Fortunately, it does not remove them from the call that they are on, but they must log in each time after the call ends. It seems to happen about every 30 minutes. I have a support case open, and they suggested I request help here :grin: Do they refresh after they log in, or before? Thanks again for your help.

If agent has not been logged in for a while, the token will refresh at login. But under some circumstances, the agent has to refresh their browser. However, what you are describing is happening during the agent’s shift, should not be happening. I will DM you about your support ticket.