Transfering licenses between users with LTI Pro App

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We have ‘N’ licenses and ‘M’ users in our educational organization. And M>N due to the low learning intensity of each teacher. As LMS we use Moodle with LTI Pro.
In configuration we use automatically upgrade Basic users to “licensed” users. this feature works well if there are free licenses available. but when N reaches the maximum (in fact licenses are not in use), a user starting a new conference via LTI remains “basic”.
In another Moodle plugin that works with the API, license transfer is performed by demoting another non-administrative user to the base level. it would be nice to have a similar feature in LTI Pro.

The user level is not upgraded to “licensed” if there are no “unassigned” licenses. However, there are many inactive users who have been assigned a license (no usage at the time).

Which App?
LTI Pro with Moodle

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. ‘N’ licenses and ‘M’ users. M>N
  2. In LTI Pro configuration set up Auto Upgrade Zoom Users, Automatically upgrade Basic users to Pro or Corp users (instructor).
  3. Start a new conference when all licenses have already been assigned, but are not actually used

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
It would be great to be able to transfer the license by demoting another inactive user to the base one.

Hey @Filaretos,

I will check to see if this functionality exists currently with the LTI Pro app. (ZOOM-213399)

If not, I will add this to our backlog as a feature request! :slight_smile:


Hey @Filaretos,

Zoom user licenses are intended to be “user” licenses rather than “concurrent active meeting” licenses. The LTI Pro app is built around this assumption. If there is a teacher that is no longer using the integration, the teacher’s license can be reclaimed by manually re-assigning the teacher to basic.

This currently cannot be automated, but I am happy to add this as a feature request if you’d like.


Good evening, Tommy.

Manually reassigning licenses is labor-intensive and not always convenient. especially when there are a lot of users and a lot of meetings. I am sure that automation of this process is quite real and will allow us to use zoom resources more efficiently. moreover, there is already a positive experience of this using the Zoom API.

And, please, add this as a feature request for developers!

with best regards,

Thanks @Filaretos,

I have added this as a feature request and will keep you updated on its progression through our backlog. :slight_smile:


Some good news))


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Indeed! :slight_smile:

I will keep you updated on what we come up with.


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