Trouble with meetingService?.getBreakoutRoomsController()

After join a meeting I am not able to get breakout controller instance from meeting service, it is nil, do you know when can I expect this object to not nil. I want to register for breakout controller delegate, see below code printing nil:
let meetingService = ZoomSDK.shared().getMeetingService()
let breakout = meetingService?.getBreakoutRoomsController()

We’re using the latest macOS SDK

Hi @tmiskiew,

Could you confirm the following:
1). Is the breakout room option enabled on your account? You may refer to the instruction here to turn on the breakout room feature:
2) When do you call the getBreakoutRoomsController? This needs to be called while in the meeting, otherwise it will return nil

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks for this tip, it helped!

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