Unable to approve registrant for a meeting

Hi There,

I’m trying to approve a meeting registrant through an API call for a meeting that requires manual approval. However, I’m receiving an error with the “action” field validation

I’m executing an API call to the following endpoint
using the PUT method
With the folloing payload
“action”: “approve”,
“registrants”: [
“id”: “”,
“email”: “dummy.email22022@hotmail.com

I’m getting an error indicating the following …
“code”: 300,
“message”: “Validation Failed.”,
“errors”: [
“field”: “action”,
“message”: “Invalid field.”

Hi @mohammad.ayman2022,

Can you confirm that the registrant was successfully added and that you’re grabbing the correct ID from the List Registrants API?

The ID and Email will need to match what is returned by this endpoint. Please also check that the registrant approval didn’t already go through. Let me know if you’ve already double checked this.


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