Unable to create Video SDK App on marketplace

*When I’m trying to build a Video SDK app, it is showing me details of some other old app. How can I delete the old app from the account? *

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1.Click on Develop → Build Video SDK
2. Upon clicking it takes you to the SDK App page, where it shows a pre-populated page with an app name.
3. It doesn’t allow you to edit or create new app.

@zoom46 hope you will be fine.

Here is the session about how to create & integrate Zoom Video SDK. Thanks

I do not see the option of SDK Credentials at all as shown in the video above.

Here is the steps and recording of what I see on the marketplace app.

How could this be resolved?

@zoom46 ,

For Video SDK, your account must be registered to Video SDK service.
To verify this, after you sign in to zoom.us, and under account profile you should see something like this

On marketplace.zoom.us, you should only have 1 application for Video SDK. At the point of this post, you can only have 1 Video SDK application per account.

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