Unable To Get The Organization Value When We Do List Tickets API Call

We have updated ticket with organization value . and list the tickets for that events in the response we don’t see any Organization filed coming in response.

Patch ticket Request:
URL: https://api.zoom.us/v2/zoom_events/events/3XHY6N7VTFKOS3oyUrDf-Q/tickets/ZNzEPI2TR8SD9xw8SDeg1w
“email”: “abc1@gmail.com”,
“first_name”: “Jay”,
“last_name”: “Bhagat”,
“organization”: “Salesforce 2”

List Ticket Response:
URL : https://api.zoom.us/v2/zoom_events/events/3XHY6N7VTFKOS3oyUrDf-Q/tickets?page_size=500

ResponseBody: “tickets”: [
“ticket_id”: “ZNzEPI2TR8SD9xw8SDeg1w”,
“ticket_type_id”: “w_cTwEGhThON6xUo_Rz7cg”,
“external_ticket_id”: “”,
“event_join_link”: “Sign In | Zoom”,
“send_notification”: true,
“email”: “abc12@gmail.com”,
“authentication_method”: “zoom_account_otp”,
“ticket_role_type”: “normal”,
“first_name”: “Jay”,
“last_name”: “Bhagat”,
“registration_source”: “”

Any one having any solution for above one ?

Hi @events3 ,

Was organization in the originally created ticket form for registrants?

Hi @gianni.zoom

No We have Created Ticket with Organization . no we are performing patch operation and trying to get Organization.


Did you mean to say you did not originally create the form with “organization”? If so, this is the reason it’s not accepting it. If the registration form does not have “organization”, it will not add it. It will only allow updates that match the fields supplied in the form.

Hi @gianni.zoom

Sorry My bad we have created registrations with out organization and now we are trying to update the organization useing patch ticket api call. getting 204 success from api but we don’t see that value from list tickets api response.


Hello ,

Scenario 1: The “organization” field is not a part of the original registration form. Developer is trying to update and add an organization via API.

If the “organization” field was not in the original registration form, it will not save. The behavior you are experiencing is expected.

Scenario 2: The “organization” field is in the original registration form, but was not mandatory for attendees to fill out. Now developer is updating the response via API to fill in empty field.

If the “organization” field is in the original registration form, but was not mandatory, and now you are updating the response via API, then the behavior you are experiencing is unexpected.

Based on the above, @events3 , can you please confirm whether Scenario 1 or Scenario 2 applies to you?