Unable to setup live media stream to NodeMediaServer

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I am trying to setup the live Media stream URL of my zoom meetings to my custom media server which is based on Node Media Server.

On setting up, I got an error unable to setup live stream

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I have tried with OAuth App

Which Endpoint/s?
I have tried within windows desktop client with version Version: 5.5.2 (12494.0204)

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Host a meeting

  2. load in windows desktop client

  3. More → Live stream on custom service

  4. browser open URL Broadcast Meeting - Zoom

  5. supplied values
    “stream_url”: “rtmp://[REDACTED]”,
    “stream_key”: “[REDACTED]”,
    “page_url”: “https://lingmointernational.com

  6. it shows preparing the live stream the meeting, and then it shows error “Unable to live stream to the custom service.”

I need help what is going wrong and how can I fix it

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Additional context
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Hey @lingmo,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Are you able to log any errors from your Node Media Server? I would also test to make sure that your Node Media Server works with other RTMP clients and to see if you can spot any potential issues.


Thanks MaxM,
No at media server I haven’t got any error or connection request


Hey @lingmo,

Thanks for the update. Looking at the RTMP URL that you provided it seems that this isn’t a valid URL that is accessible. I’m noticing that it doesn’t include a TLD (.com, .net, .etc) and isn’t accessible.

Please confirm that you are using the correct Stream URL.


Hi MaxM,
Sorry for my mistake, the TLD is “.com”, and it’s accessible from here.

Hey @lingmo,

Have you had a chance to test the Zoom Livestream functionality with another service to make sure everything is configured correctly? I would also make sure that you meet the prerequisites in our documentation and that you have enabled livestreaming on your account.


If that isn’t helpful, you can reach out to our Customer Support Team who will be able to assist you directly when it comes to issues live streaming from the Zoom App.


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