Unable to start meeting if approval type set to Manually Approve

Am using Zoom android sdk version v4.6.21666.0429

I have created a meeting with setting manually approve registration .

When I set manually approve option my meeting get stuck at preparing meeting screen.

Application flow is as below
When I click on join meeting in app a request is send to our server where we register student and approve registrants by calling zoom api . It works properly get updated approved count at host account.

But when I check meeting then it stuck at preparing meeting… black screen.
Am able to launch meeting if registration type set to Automatically Approve.

Please let me understand what will be the expected flow for manual approval.
is an email send to user mail id and then by using that link he has to join meeting or meeting should get start immediately after received an approval.

Hi @meenaxi.chopkar1, thanks for using the devforum.

The approval type for a scheduled webinar is actually not part of the SDK. For assistance with how to handle different types of user registration, the best place to go will be our support page.

Additionally, I noticed that you have not adopted the most recent version of the Android SDK yet. Each release will usually include fixes for bugs users have encountered, so it is always a good step to download the latest version and try reproducing your issue again.


@jon.lieblich thanks for the reply and providing link.
Am using meeting not webinar.
I will check with the link you mention.

I have also been using meeting and facing the similar issue. Will check out the link mentioned above.

@tammieccrumpton i resolved it by adding token in JoinMeetingOptions

JoinMeetingOptions opts =ZoomMeetingUISettingHelper.getJoinMeetingOptions();
opts.webinar_token = token;

you can get token inside attendee_url starts with tk=