Unable to test scope change authorize flow in-client beta

As a developer I need to test the scenario of testing a user authorizing changes to scope in client so that I can verify my app will work as expected before deploying to production.

This is not currently possible as when I change a scope on the “dev” marketplace app, I have to regenerate the url in order for the changes to take effect and this will automatically uninstall the beta app pre-empting me from being able to test this specific scenario. I other words, I can only test “adding” in client not authorizing a change of scopes.

If there is a method to test this scenario can you please advise? If not can you please consider decoupling the “regeneration” of the dev url from the uninstalling of the “local” apps perhaps making that a separate button.

We’re aware of this issue and working on a solution

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Ok thank you @JonStewart for improving this!