Update a meeting time with a timezone

I’ve seen a couple of threads about similar problems but i don’t really find a good explanation

We create meetings by setting a GMT start_time, meeting type 2 and also specifying the timezone field, that is all fine and works as expected.

But when we try to move a meeting (into the future) we do the same thing, we call the PATCH endpoint specifying the new start_time in GMT and the timezone field, but the resulting change moves the meeting to what looks like GMT time without a timezone, even when not specifying timezone the outcome is the same.

Looking at the api docs, it says: The start_time value must be a future date. If the value is omitted or a date in the past, the API ignores this value and will not update any recurring meetings, If the start_time value is a future date, the recurrence object is required. and further down the docs on the recurrence field Recurrence object. Use this object only for a meeting with type 8 i.e., a recurring meeting with fixed time - which one should i adhere to?

our PATCH update request payload:

  start_time: '2022-04-12T06:09:00.000Z',
  timezone: 'Europe/Stockholm'

PATCH returns 204

Fetching meeting afterwards:

  type: 2,
  start_time: '2022-04-12T04:09:00Z',
  duration: 120,
  timezone: 'Europe/Stockholm',

Hi @possan

Thanks for reaching out, I am happy to help here!
So from my understanding, you are trying to update a type 2 meeting with a date in the future and you get a 204 response. But when you fetch that meeting, you are not seeing the updated start_time?


Yes exactly, it changes the date, but not to the correct date with the specified timezone.

Hi @possan

Thanks for your patience.
If you look closely into our Docs

So it looks like you are using GMT time plus the timezone…
You should use the format “yyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss” which is local time, plus the time zone.

Let me know if this helps

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