Update a queue ERROR:Distribution duration value is too large

When attempting to update a queue using /contact_center/queues/{queueId} , this error is being returned: Distribution duration value is too large. I don’t understand why this is the case because the distribution_duration_in_seconds value is not being changed. Can anyone advise me on what I am doing incorrectly?

Hi @omari.isaac
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here!
Have you been able to trouble shoot this on your end? If not, could you please share the request body that you are passing when getting this error and also the error code that you are getting after making this call.

It would also be helpful if you can make a get request to the queue that you are trying to update so I can take a look at it please.

response: {“code”:140008,“message”:“Distribution duration value is too large.”}

@elisa.zoom Are there any updates on this issue?

Hi @omari.isaac
sorry for the late reply! I have sent you a private message to follow up.
I need more information to investigate this issue

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