Update Zoom Rooms MSI using Intune

I wish we could have better control with the Apps using Intune, as convenient as using Zoom Portal.
My company decided to go down the path of using Intune to manage all the Zoom Rooms PC, which is obviously as easy as using Zoom Portal or ZDM.
For example, I don’t have the convenience of a click of button to upgrade the software. We use Intune to deploy the Zoom Rooms MSI to start with. Now we are reaching the Aug deadline to upgrade all the software to the latest version 5.0.5. The method on Intune or any other MDM will be replace the MSI file with the new one and send out the deployment again. The Zoom Rooms quit first and then pending installation. I have to restart the PC and then the update will complete. There is not enough documentation from either Microsoft or Zoom. So I have to make a lot of guesses. I don’t know whether I need to uninstall the app first before I replace the MSI. I don’t know whether the update was going to stuff up the license and activation then I have to manually activate the room again.
I hope there will be better documented approach for how to deploy Zoom with major MDM vendors.
Thank you.