[Urgent] Data center & gateway selection + Tokyo DC situation


Since a few days, we observe that more and more users using the Web SDK are routed to a different location between the Data center and the Gateway.

As an example:

  • the meeting is hosted in Tokyo Data center
  • User 1 (host) is connecting through a gateway in US
  • User 2 (non host) is connecting through a gateway in SG

This situation introduced severe degradation on Zoom communication (audio especially)

This problem is mostly due to how zoom system works (for the web SDK) and how much traffic is targeting a preferred location (according to our zoom account settings), but can’t you guys do anything about it ?

This is just a symptom of a situation that is now running since more than 3 months.
I reported from early April that you don’t have enough resources (again) on the Tokyo data center (this happened already last year in August and it took you 2 month to fix it by adding more resources, sources here and here)

We have been asking you to fix the situation this year again, but looks like you decided not to invest anymore in your infrastructure, and instead are going to implement a white list system to enable specific Zoom professional accounts to stay on a busy data center no matter the traffic load.
Fine, why not even if i wonder what are going to be the side effects…
But where is it ? Still nothing.

Can we have a precise enough planned date for this situation to be fixed ?


We graphed our meetings host location over the last couple of Month, and it’s quite obvious that there is something wrong since recently (San Jose DC maintenance / upgrade?)

We clearly see that since July, 75% of our meetings are hosted outside Japan, and 70% exclusively in SJ/SC/SJC while it was not the case before.
The latency introduced in your network for communications between this data center and clients joining through the Tokyo Gateway is terrible and greatly affect the audio data. All our clients are complaining about that.

So may we ask you what is the reason of that ?

@will.zoom or @MaxM Please investigate that matter urgently as this is severely impacting our business.
Again, this degradation situation is not new, but is now at its worst and we cannot continue like this.
We would appreciate you to fix the situation before this weekend if possible.

Hi @nvivot,

Thank you for raising this with us—we’re looking into this with priority for you. I’ve received your email and will follow up with you there directly.

Thank you,


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Problem fixed, you can close the topic.

Thank you.

Awesome! I’m glad to hear that everything seems to be resolved. I’ll go ahead and close this topic now but feel free to open a new topic if you encounter any further issues or questions.