URL Scheme for Chromebooks?

I’m creating an extension to automatically open Zoom meetings at specific times, and I’m using Zoom’s x-callback URL scheme for this. The article mentions nothing about an x-callback URL for Chromebooks, and I was wondering how to directly launch Zoom on a Chromebook.

I have tried using zoomus: and zoommtg: on Chromebooks, and they both cause a pop-up saying “Google Chrome OS cannot open this page”.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open a zoomus: or zoommtg: link on a Chromebook using a bookmark or Javascript
  2. See error

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hi @h.gooseleg,

Happy to dig into this for you—to clarify, are you attempting to open Zoom in the Chrome browser, or via a Zoom Client/App installed on the Chromebook?


Sorry I was a bit unclear, I’m trying to launch the Zoom App (installed on the Chromebook) using an x-callback URL. I could technically open a zoom.us link, but I would rather have Zoom launch without opening a new tab.

Hi @h.gooseleg,

Thanks for clarifying!

While it won’t be possible to launch Zoom on the same page as the link itself, you can either open in the Zoom client using the standard join URL, or you might consider using this URL format to open Zoom in the Web Client, in a new tab:

Let me know if this helps,

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Just out of curiosity, how do zoom.us links launch Zoom? Is it using NaCl/PNaCl to communicate with the app from the website?

Hey @h.gooseleg,

I’m not sure the exact technology that we’re using, but that is a good possibility. I can try to find out :slight_smile:


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