Use Google Chrome or Safari to open web pages on ios system and play it with <video>HTML tags API /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings The download_url of the callback

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
file_extension: MP4

Hello, we are a company, use Google chrome or Safari for iPhone to open our company website, play download_url, play for 10~15 minutes will stop can not continue playing

The video stops

How To Reproduce
Use HTML5 video tag play download_url

Hi, @Columbia,

Welcome and thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. It seems that you are having trouble playing a meeting recording. Could you please clarify if this issue occurs consistently or if it is specific to a particular meeting? Additionally, have you tried manually downloading the recording and adding it? If so, what result did you get?

Hi, Donte, Thanks for your reply.
this issue occurs consistently.

We tried downloading the video and uploading it to GCP storage
and make the video public
Movies can be played normally
But we don’t have that much space to use

Therefore, I want to use download_url to play the video
But I encountered the above problems

HTML5 code
<video src="download_url" controls="" controlslist="nodownload"></video>

Thank you for providing those additional details, @Columbia ! Currently, we do not offer the Cloud Recording Playback feature as a Video on Demand (VOD) service. This particular use case is not supported for development integration.

However, you can still “share” information for a cloud recording, and users can visit/view it in the Zoom Playback UI. Please note that we do not currently support using Zoom’s download_link for videos as a VOD service.

As mentioned, you have the option to offload the recordings into your own data stores and implement them into your own VOD system, or you can use Panopto (or another Marketplace app) for this purpose. The download_link is intended for downloading recordings, not for use as a VOD system. If you would like to submit your use case as a potential feature for a future release, I recommend submitting your ideas to Sending feedback to Zoom - Zoom Support.

Thank you for your reply again!

And please ask you, By Zoom Playback UI, do you mean the play_url provided by the API?
If you are referring to play_url, you will need to enter a password.
Is there a way to avoid password input by using the password parameter in the URL?

By the way, can I bring the Zoom Playback UI into our website as an html tag <iframe>?

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@Columbia ,

Zoom Playback UI, as in the Playback that is available in the portal. When the Zoom recording links are shared that is where the user is redirected to watch it.

You can set meeting recording sharing settings in the Zoom portal and Via Rest API call for sharing cloud recordings. Here is support documentation on this topic :

By the way, can I bring the Zoom Playback UI into our website as an html tag <iframe> ?

No, this is not supported at the moment.