Use Meeting SDK in an open source freeware educational app

We would like to use the Zoom Meeting SDK in an educational application which is used for e-assessment (taking tests/examinations using web-based exam and learning management systems). Zoom meeting integration would be used for exam support and proctoring. An institution (university, school, company etc.) which would want to use the Zoom integration would of course need to have their own Zoom business plan which allows to generate their own SDK key/secret and use those individual credentials to configure our app for their own Zoom business account (and their own web-based examination system).

Our app itself is freeware and its code is available as open source (we are actually a university and developing and providing this app in a non-profit manner). Any institution or individual can download and use our app without having to pay license fees or similar. Also the open source code can be downloaded, modified and used in own customized versions of our app according to the MPL Mozilla Public License.

If I understand the Zoom “API License and Terms of Use” (zoom-sdk-ios/LICENSE.pdf at master · zoom/zoom-sdk-ios · GitHub) correctly, according to paragraph 6.1. “Zoom Approval for Third Party Use”: “Any implementation, publication, and/or
distribution of your Application(s) to, or use by, third parties (including your customers or user-base) (collectively, “Third Party Use”) must be approved, in writing, in advance, by Zoom”

we would require a written approval of our use case of the Meeting SDK by Zoom. Could you please indicate who to contact for such an approval?

Also it seems according to paragraph 2.1 it’s not allowed to share or provide access to the Zoom APIs. This sounds like we wouldn’t be allowed to have the Zoom SDK files available in our GitHub repository with the open source code of our app? We can of course omit the SDK binaries (library, framework and resource files) from our repository. This is more complicated for source code files distributed with the Zoom Meeting SDK, as for example the macOS version uses modified files of your SDK sample app. It doesn’t seem the SDK can feasibly be used without the SDK sample code and omitting these files from our repository would be much more complicated. Do you have any advice about the correct use (regarding license) of the source code of the Zoom SDK sample app and for example the Zoom C# SDK wrapper source code for Windows?

Thanks for any answer.
Daniel Schneider, ETH Zurich

@sdk_testing ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. This is an important question and I want to make sure I give you the best and most complete answer I can. I will have to raise your concern with our Development team and need to get back to you.

In the meantime, If you have additional information about your use case that you think will be helpful, feel free to reply here.

Hi, is there an update to this inquiry? Our client is a non-profit currently using the e-assessment application described in the first post here. They are at a standstill in their proctored assessment function as we wait for an answer from your developers. We are paying for Zoom licensing in order to use the integration with the e-assessment application, only to recently find out that we are not able to continue using it in the latest application release. A timely response would be much appreciated!