Use oauth for access to user account and create meeting link

Hi. May be somebody can help me.
We have web application, that assign coach and student.
And idea give solution coach with Oauth login to self zoom account, backend get access to it and auto generate meeting and also has link on this meeting.

As i understand for this i need get API key, and for get API key i need create in marketplace App. This is App must approve and only after this i can use key?

For me confuse that this is look as very hard way for task that i need. When we look for example on google calendar, i can simple get key, confirm my domain and use oauth.

Idea that i don’t want use my account for generate meeting and etc, i want give user login to self account, get access and auto create meeting in user account


Hi Andrei,

You can consider creating an internal application in Marketplace.

Also, to know more about finding API Key and Secret, please follow this post in our forum: Finding your API Key/Secret Credentials in Marketplace

Yes, but as i understand application give me access to my account and user in my account
I can not access to any other user account

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