Use Web Client without a username/password?


Just a quick question. New to Zoom.

I am trying to embed a meeting into a web page (iframe).

Is it possible to force the meeting to start without a user registration username/password? A lot of guests for this meeting do not have Zoom accounts and it’s a hindrance.

Just using{id}/join?prefer=1


The ability to do this was recently removed and no one yet knows if it will be corrected or not. You can see many other “sky is falling” threads which reference this :wink:

@tim.slagle @tommy We need to be able to embed zoom windows once again and enter zoom meetings without redirect to signin or force program use! Please!

Hey @daniel.moisyeyev, @flippyhead, @emason,

The Zoom Web Client now requires users to authenticate.

For more info, or questions please reach out to as the Zoom Web Client is not apart of the Zoom Developer Platform.