User Able to Select Webinar Day and Time from Recurring Webinar

I have a simple html form which has 3 inputs name, email, phone. I am add a webinar registrant by using this html form and php cURL and it work fine. Now I have setup recurring webinars and I want to add a drop down for date and time for these recurring webinar. Now I want to submit this date and time value with name, email, phone. How is that possible in php cURL? I am also sending you Zoom registration URL I just want to made same functionality.

Hey @luke1,

It sounds like you’re asking how to send these fields (name, email, phone) via the Add Webinar Registrants API, but for a specific date/time of a recurring webinar—is that right?

If so, you can use the same endpoint you’re already using:

But you’ll need to designate the occurrence id using this parameter:

Hope this helps! Let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything, though.


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