User based conditional subscription for webinar and meeting events in OAuth App

Our Zoom OAuth app has scopes for meeting and webinar and subscribes to multiple events in meetings and webinar. We want users authenticated by this app to have subscriptions for limited events only based on customers use case.

Current Scenario:
Our App subscribes for both webinar and meeting events, so when user authenticates via app then they are auto subscribed for all the events in the app.
Desired Scenario:
User1: should subscribe only for meeting events
User2: should subscribe only for webinar events.

How to make it feasible?

Hi @zoom.connector, today, this would require two applications published to the Marketplace, e.g. “LeadSquared for Meetings” and “LeadSquared for Webinars”.

We’re exploring ways for dynamic and optional scopes to be added to apps to support condensing these uses into one application. For the time being, we recommend using multiple apps to separate concerns/scopes.

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