Multi user scheduled event platform

Hey guys, I’ve tried myself to figure out what is the best approach for my case for a while, honestly, but looks like I need your help. So let me try to describe my case, I think it should be pretty common

I want a web-app to be able to create scheduled event for multiple predefined users (vendors). The event should be started and moderated by the vendor without admin (ideally, I would not ask vendors even their zoom account emails, but it’s acceptable). The event should support asking questions by attendees in voice, chat, etc.

The event will start at predefined time for all the vendors. so it could be described like a one meeting with many rooms where will be one moderator and users can join to any of them, ask a question and so on

Hey @codeslav,

Thanks for reaching out and summarizing your use-case. Happy to point you in the right direction.

To that end, if your users will not be users under your Zoom account, and you want the ability to schedule meetings on their behalf, you will likely want to look into creating an OAuth app:

This would allow users’ (vendors, in your case) to authenticate with your app and enable the ability to schedule meetings/events on their behalf from your end.

Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to be able to start events and have them join, you can consider our Web SDK, which has a lot of the functionality you mentioned, already included:

Depending on which route you want to go, you have some flexibility. Let me know what other questions you might have!


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