User does not exist on create meetign

I Already have a token (JWT) and SDK, when I consume the service listUsers({{baseUrl}}/users?status=active&page_size=30&page_number=1) it returns me my user with my ID, but when I try to create a meeting, always returns me a error (User does not exist:)

URL =>
type => POST
USER_ID => A-X8I857TqyF0RGsiNyyXQ

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Hi @diegoherbasmenacho , do you get the same behavior when you use the email of the user? Let’s check to see if the issue is with the user ID or if it is an access token/authorization issue.

Solution: Go into the MS Teams Desktop App, on the left hand side go to “Files”, then click “OneDrive”, then there should be a folder there called “Recordings” - Viola, my recording was in that folder.more information see ..

I totally agreed with you my problem is solved completely. Thankyou so much
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