Users cannot integrate new accounts and my app disappeared from the administrative panel

We recently noticed a malfunction in our Booking application

Since 28 September, no user of our application has been able to add a Zoom integration (active integrations work normally). I’ve debugged a few things and realised that the response to all calls to the /oauth/token endpoint return error 400, as shown below:

// request
POST /oauth/token?grant_type=authorization_code&code=XXXXXXXXX&redirect_uri= HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXX
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

// response
"reason": "Invalid authorization code",
"error": "invalid_grant"

Another thing I noticed was that when I accessed the marketplace dashboard with our developer account (, the application simply disappeared from there Screenshot by Lightshot.

This malfunction was unprecedented, i.e. we haven’t made any recent changes to the Zoom-related code.

I would like to know how I should proceed in this case, if this is the correct channel to report this type of incident and how we can work to correct it.
We always try to keep our APP in compliance with Zoom’s policies. So much so that in June of this year we submitted it for review.
Let me know if I’ve missed any updates or should modify my implementation.

Thank you

Hi @builderall
Thanks for reaching out to us and I am happy to help here!
Do you know if there were any changes made to the account ?
What I mean by this is if they upgraded the user’s license or moved the user from one account to another.
This could have caused the issue that you are facing on not being able to see your app.
I will look internally in the meantime while you get back to me

That’s right
I have now discovered that on approximately the 14th or 15th of August the account became the property of I’m not sure, but I think that until that date we were a standalone account and now we are a subaccount of it

All right, I will go ahead and create a support ticket on your behalf for this issue. @builderall

Thanks. Keep me updated
I would appreciate it if you prioritized this. It’s a problem in production

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You should have received an email from my support team @builderall

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