User's chat message returns NotFound

The issue is found with Zoom Government, not having a chance to try with Zoom US.

Use API {{baseUrl}}/chat/users/{userId}/sessions?page_size=10 to get the user sessions.

Use one of the sessions belonging to “groupchat” in the response to call the user chat message API

The response is as following with response code NotFound:
“code”: 4130,
“message”: “Channel does not exist: {channelId}.”

I am not sure why the API returns “channel does not exist”. It is expected to return 0 messages if there is no message from this user to the channel.
If the user doesn’t have any message to the channel, should the groupchat channel appear in the first user session API result ?

I double checked the channel members from the Zoom desktop client. The user is not in the channel that reports the “not exist”, if so, I don’t understand why the first user sessions API will list this channel for the user ?

Thank you for the help!

Hi @SongZhang
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Let me do some testing on my end and I will come back to you shortly


Thank you for your help!

I think the problem coming from the the API
{{baseUrl}}/chat/users/{userId}/sessions?page_size=10 to get the user sessions

With my understanding, the API returns the 1:1 sessions that have the messages between user A and B or groupchat sessions that the user have messages in the channel. If the userA and userB don’t have messages, the 1:1 session shouldn’t appear in the result. Similarly, if the user doesn’t belong to a channel, the groupchat session shouldn’t be included in the result.

  1. I make some further tests for the above API, the result includes the 1:1 session between userA and B even if they don’t have messages (assume useA is the userId in the request). The result also includes the “groupchat” session even if the user (the userId used in the request) does not belong to the channel.

  2. The response includes the 1:1 session with requested user himself. For example, userA’ s userId is used in the request, the response includes the 1:1 session with userA. What does it mean?

  3. Another question, I am curious why this API doesn’t support “from” and “to” request parameters which can narrow the result set.