Users unable to join Zoom Session

@tommy @vic.yang Users are unable to join session in Video SDK, getting this error in console

And upon further checking its looks like one of the websocket connection is sending invalid JSON response:

(no closing double quotes)

This is the websocker URL → wss://

Is there someone else also who is facing the same issue?

Additional Context:
Video SDK version → 1.4.1

Hey @shoaib

Thanks for your feedback.

We will fix it asap.


hey @vic.yang any ETA on this?

As we had to turn off Zoom SDK for all our customers.

Hey @shoaib

We will fix it within 3 hours.
I will let you know once it was fixed.


Hey @shoaib

We have already fixed the issue and it is in the process of being deployed.


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Thanks @vic.yang ,

Can you please share some sort of RCA of this issue?

Hi, It appears that the invalid JSON response being sent by the WebSocket connection is causing the issue with users being unable to join the session in Video SDK. This is likely due to a bug or issue with the WebSocket server on the Zoom side.

You can try reaching out to Zoom’s support team to report the issue and see if they can provide a fix or workaround. In the meantime, you could try using an older version of the Video SDK to see if the issue persists, or try using a different WebSocket server if possible. You could also try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser or using a different browser to see if that helps.

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