Using addParticipantSpotlight and removeParticipantSpotlights

Hi, we’re using addParticipantSpotlight to spotlight a list of participants like this:

for (const id of pidsToSpotlight) {
     await zoomSdk.addParticipantSpotlight({ 
            participantUUID: id

but it seems like at times, only the first few calls actually succeed in spotlighting the participant, and all the subsequent calls executed in the loop do not spotlight the participant id even though they also return { message: "Success" }.

It works when waiting 1 - 2 seconds before making another addParticipantSpotlight call.

Same issue was experienced with the removeParticipantSpotlights call. This is how we call:

await zoomSdk.removeParticipantSpotlights({
         participantUUIDs: ["id0", "id1"]
await zoomSdk.addParticipantSpotlight({
       participantUUID: "id2"

when these functions are executed without waiting 1 - 3 seconds in between, participant with "id1" is often times not removed from spotlight even though removeParticipantSpotlights returns successfully with { message: "Success" }.

Could you help check if there is an issue with these sdk functions or with how we are calling them?

Tagging @MaxM for visibility. Thank you!