Using Datadog to deliver Zoom Room alerts to Slack

We’re trying to get the Zoom Room alerts fed into DataDog to create an event that we can parse information from. We’re having some issues getting the information to parse correctly. Is there anyone who has successfully set up DataDog with alerts from Zoom Rooms that we could gather information from?
We tried getting the Zoom Rooms alerts into DataDog using the email alerts, but we ran into issues parsing the information out (it parses, but doesn’t do what we want it to do, so seems to be a limitation of sorts). The end result was that every alert, regardless of status, was being treated as informational.
At some point, we were informed that Webhooks should be the way to go when using DataDog with Zoom Room alerts, however, we weren’t able to identify a way to receive these alerts in DataDog via Zoom’s webhooks. Does an OAuth app need to be created for this on the Zoom side? Or is there another way?