Using Zoom as a social login provider

We’re having a website where after making some choices the user will get redirected to a Zoom call requiring a signed in user. Our idea was to use Zoom as a login provider, as the user will in the end be required to be a registered Zoom user. But now I’m getting a bit confused, that I have to register an “app” in the Zoom marketplace, and publish it there.

I would have expected it to work similar to Google. Am I just getting confused by having to create and publish an “app” on the marketplace, or is this scenario not supported?

If an app is necessary, do I then have to go through the whole process of uploading videos and images and so on? I mean it’s not really an app in the end and having it listed in the market place makes little to no sense when it’ll only be relevant to our website users.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @Jmo ,

Happy to help. Are you looking to host the call on your website’s URL? If so, our official Web SDK with JWT authentication (does not require publication to the Marketplace) will be your best bet. We have tutorials, sample apps, and docs to help you.

Does this help?