Using Zoom Room Crestron Integration to bypass Video switch


Hey guys, 

JayJay from Cvent here.

We want to utilize the Zoom Room & Crestron Integration to bypass a use for a video switch.

We have couple divisible room scenarios, and basically what we want happened is when someone combines a room, Crestron will be able to sense the room combination (we already have the wall sensor) then kick both rooms out of a zoom session that may already be in place, then when it detects one of the open rooms join a zoom meeting, crestron will pull the meeting id from that room and push it to the other room and tell it to join the same zoom meeting.

We already do this manually by joining both rooms to the zoom meeting with the iPad. The audio doesn’t matter, because we’ve programmed the audio dsp to disregard the one of the Mac mini out of the two when the rooms are combined.

If you need to discuss further, let me know, I would love to give more info on this use case.

I’ve also heard that when you have crestron integration, you won’t be able to use the Zoom Room native control app. We absolutely need this because we want consistent user interface for regular zoom rooms we have and these divisible rooms we have.


JJ: Unfortunately, the ZR-CSAPI can’t be used while the iPad Zoom Room Controller is connected, otherwise this scenario would work.

It looks like a lot of integrators want to be able to use a small subset of ZR-CSAPI commands, while simultaneously using the iPad Zoom Room Controller, so we are boosting the priority of allowing simultaneous control.

The setup you have, of running two Zoom Rooms in the same big room, is interesting. I would think that the echo cancellation might not work if you have two separate microphones, one connected to each Zoom room. For the Zoom Room with audio out disabled, if you talk into that microphone, that audio goes up to the cloud, then back down to the other Zoom Room, and comes out the speaker without getting echo cancelled. But if you only use the microphone and speaker on one Zoom Room, that would work.


Yes that is why all three computers (It is a three way divisible room) connect to the audio DSP and the DSP routes it in a way where it only utilizes one Mac mini to send zoom audio while it combines all the microphones.