Using zoom web SDK did not hear the participants and dont resolved errors

I am implementing the web zoom SDK in my front end built in Angular 9, all the functionalities work correctly even the participants listen to me but I do not listen to them, I need urgent help.

I do not present any error but I leave my public git repository

Contribute to sirportu/TestZoomMeetingFront development by creating an account on GitHub.

The application is in the following heroku link so you can try

2 months ago I published a topic on the same subject, I could not solve the problems in the console as they had requested me, the truth is I cannot understand the problem and I reviewed several topics with my same problems and it works, the truth is that I ask for help no longer I know what to do.

I attach the capture of the console problems that I have

I am using version 1.8.1

Hey @supercuidadores,

First off I noticed your api secret was in your GitHub repo. I suggest removing it, and regenerating your secret.

Second off, your implementation looks correct. Can you share which country you are located in, I am wondering if the issue is specific to your region.


I am going to try to regenerate the secretkey but it seems strange to me that it is that since everyone can hear me, the problem is that I do not listen to them

I am located in Ecuador

Thanks @supercuidadores,

Please let me know if that helps. Also, make sure your volume on your computer is working.


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