V2.2.0 with error invalid signature

I tried to update the SDK version from version 2.1.1 to version 2.2.0 and I started getting the error “Invalid Signature”.
What has changed? In other updates to more recent versions I had no problems nor did I have to change anything other than the version.
If I go back to version 2.1.1 everything works normally.

Initially it seems that everything will be working correctly, as you can see in this screenshot

But then when I join the error of “Invalid signature”

signature: “YnJwU0tCQWRSR2UwbDZ4bnd4Y2cyZy44NTE0MjkwNTUwMy4xNjQ0MjM2MjQzMTc0LjAuUWtXUmF3eXZiVzRxVVBMUVBpenEzRnV0bm12ZWgwT1NhTVpFbVdpTW9zUT0”,
apiKey: {…},
meetingNumber: 85142905503,
userName: “test”,
userEmail: “test@test.com”,
passWord: {…}


Screenshots in Firefox

Screenshots In Chrome



Thank you for posting and sharing these screenshots of your browser console. I just tested joining a meeting with Web SDK 2.2.0 and can confirm it is working as expected. Are you seeing this behavior when using the latest instance of the Web SDK Sample App? I should note, SDKs can exist at the same time with different functionality in each version. These changes don’t happen often, but they do happen.

Please test again with the Web SDK Sample App Version 2.2.0 as there have been multiple bug fixes , and version 2.1.1 may rely on methods that no longer work in the latest version.


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