Video conferencing freezes

Description : After the Meeting SDK is upgraded, the video conferencing interface is stuck and not smooth, and even frame animations appear.

SDK Version :

Reproducible Steps :

After we use the latest SDK (version number to open the video in the meeting, the connection to the company’s WIFI will be stuck. After switching to 4G mode, the video display is normal; but before upgrading the SDK (the old version of Meeting SDK 5.2 .42037.1112) The video display in the conference is normal.

Video recording screen :

Device Information :

Device Type: ( iPhone 6S)

OS: (iOS 14.1)

Xcode: 13.2.1

Additional Context :

We would like to know how to avoid this kind of video stuttering in the meeting? For example, setting the resolution of the video, encoding and decoding methods, etc.; or the new version of the SDK has higher requirements on the network environment, and this kind of stuck phenomenon will occur in the general network environment. Looking forward to your reply, thank you.

Hi @wangqi,

Since you can only reproduce this issue on a specific wifi network, this appears to be an issue with your network connectivity. Zoom is highly tolerant to adverse network conditions, but at a certain point it becomes impossible to reliably deliver video. It is possible that the older version of the SDK was just barely able to perform and the addition of a new service in the Zoom platform pushed it over the edge, resulting in the poor performance you are seeing.

We have some general tips to try in this article, but there are no additional SDK-specific settings that allow you to configure connections created by the SDK at that granular of a level.


We have also tested other WiFi, and most of the cases are still stuck. We also tested the corresponding WiFi network bandwidth. The network status is relatively normal, but the video in the meeting is still displayed as stuck. Attached is a screenshot of our network bandwidth detection. We would like to know if there are other possible causes of this phenomenon, or what methods we can take to avoid this problem. Looking forward to your reply, thank you.