Video freezes when making an AJAX call

Hi @tommy
I have migrated from Twilio to the Zoom Video SDK.
I am using the video-player-container and video-player HTML elements to render the video.
When I make a JavaScript AJAX call to retrieve data from the server, the participant’s video freezes.
I have enabled SharedArrayBuffer

Which Web Video SDK version?

video freezes when making an AJAX call

Browser version
Chrome Latest

Hey @fahim.vds ,

Can you please share what OS you are on (windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc) and any errors in the browser console?

After your AJAX request, are you doing any DOM updates to the videos which?

If you could also share a video, that would be helpful. I am unable to reproduce this issue.


Hi @tommy

I am using windows 10 and not getting any errors in the browser console.
I am not doing any DOM updates to the videos
I am making an AJAX request on button click

Here is a sample of my AJAX request code

type: “POST”,
url: LocalHostUrl,
data: Parameters,
async: false,
contentType: “application/json; charset=utf-8”,
dataType: “json”,
success: onSuccess,

Please make sure that the AJAX call do not put excessive load on client side.

Video freezes when making AJAX call using Zoom Video SDK 1.10.8. Ensure compatibility and troubleshoot AJAX implementation. Consider browser and server interactions.

Hey @tommy @puttykey2024

The AJAX request takes only 300ms, but the video still freezes for some time.