Video SDK Mobile web browsers video calls are not working even after updating the version to 1.2.5

I had integrated Video SDK using Vue.js but calls are not working properly on different browsers like chrome etc. On some browsers, the calls work fine with all features like audio, video sharing, screen sharing etc. Initially zoom Video SDK had no support for mobile browsers but in the latest release, it has clearly been mentioned that mobile browsers are now supported.
I have updated the version to 1.2.5 and tested but it didn’t worked for mobile browsers. On mobile browsers, it still doesn’t work. only audio works sometimes.
I have done a review of the change log and now on the official zoom page the browser support matrix says, “Mobile web browsers are now supported.

Please confirm…

  1. Does the Video SDK has mobile web browser support certified by Zoom (version 1.2.5)?
  2. What do I need to do to make it run on mobile web browsers ?

Also please advise that how can I smoothly run video calls on chrome browser ?

Thank you!

Hey @maqsood.ali

Thanks for your feedback.

We will fix the video issues on mobile browsers in the Video SDK Web 1.3.0 release. Please stay tuned.