View only Zoom links by teacher

Allow users currently allowed to view multiple teacher Zoom sessions to display a single teacher’s zoom links only to share with other school admin or substitutes.

Currently, if we need to provide Zoom links by period for each teacher’s period, we have to select teacher and go into each session 1x1. Very time consuming and loss of productivity.

This feature will also allow assistants to keep Zoom links updated when sharing with sub coordinator, substitutes, and other appropriate school staff.

Screenshot displays my ability to see Zoom sessions for each teacher and Dept. Director. .

It would be VERY helpful for all users that have this access (admin assistant) to select a teacher and see, copy/paste all Zoom links for each period into a doc shared with substitutes, and other appropriate school personnel in one swoop.

Currently, I must go into each session and copy Zoom link. VERY time consuming in a fast paced environment.

Many thanks!
Sylvia Lima :slight_smile: