Waiting for host after admitting participants

Participants are stuck on Waiting for Host even after being admitted through the meeting UI, refreshing the page allows them to join as expected

Waiting for Host… until a refresh of the page

Which version?

Hey @lance,

Can you please provide steps to reproduce the issue? Are there any errors in the browser console?

Screenshots would also be helpful.


Some more information

It’s virtually a copy-paste of the SDK Documentation Getting Started example using .NET web API for generating the signature (copy-paste of the C# code sample)

in the Chrome Console
Uncaught TypeError: u.a.destroy is not a function

I’m currently trying to test it in a full TLS protected environment to eliminate that variable, otherwise I’m not sure where to look to troubleshoot

It’s a simple raw HTML page using the sample code provided in the Getting Started guide

Load the page, Joining the Meeting and then stuck on this after trying to admit myself


Console errors in detail, this is from a separate enviro so obviously something wrong in the implementation, again loading the page again allows the participant to join

Hey @lance,

Can you please try using the latest version, 1.8.0?

That should fix the issues.


Forgot to reply, this problem has stopped after using the new version


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Hey @lance,

Happy to hear upgrading fixed the issue! :slight_smile:


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