Ways to validate whether event subscription is active or not


We have an OAuth app with event subscription enabled. We are looking for a way to programmatically validate whether event subscription for our app is active and sending the events to correct URL.

  1. Is there any API available that we can call to trigger the events and upon receiving the events we can confirm that webhook is working correctly?

  2. Is there any API available that we can call to get the event subscription details (endpoint + subscribed events) for our app?

We are listening to below events:
Member invited
Member joined
Member removed
User creation.
User deletion.
User settings updated
User sign-in
User sign out
User invitation accepted
User activated
User de-activated
User de-associated

What is the recommended approach from Zoom to test the event subscription programmatically?

Hi @superadmin
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint for that.
These are the endpoints available for Marketplace operations:


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