We can't set Location Waiting Room Status?

I want to disable waiting_room of Location by API.
But I can’t find its API.

Can we disable this?

Please help.


Hi @yuki_goto
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Could you please share more details about this?
I do not understand what you are trying to achieve

Hi @elisa.zoom
Thanks for replying.

I want to change campus waiting room status by API.
campus setting > meeting > security > waiting room

Please see the image below.
I write about red frame item.

Hi @yuki_goto
Have you been able to find any endpoint for this?
Have you looked into these endpoints right here?

Hi @elisa.zoom

I’ve already read it.
I can’t find.
But my boss teld me, Zoom Docs hide some fields.
He asked for Information about API fields to Zoom Support.
He got some fields and solved issue.

I hope to exist fields changing campus waiting room status fields by API.
Do you know that it does not?
Or do you know that it is?

Please tell me.

Hi @yuki_goto
I am sorry, I do not understand what fields you are talking about.
Do you have a support ticket number that I can take a look at so clarify this?