Web SDK 1.7.4: Cannot join meetings: "Joining meeting timeout." "The service is temporarily"

I am unable to use the Web SDK 1.7.4 to connect to a meeting created by the native macOS Zoom client 4.6.9 (19273.0402).


  • Joining meeting timeout.
  • The service is temporarily

Which version?
Web SDK 1.7.4
macOS Zoom client 4.6.9 (19273.0402)

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Download, configure, and start the Web SDK:
  • Use native macOS Zoom client to create an instant meeting.
  • Copy the Meeting ID to the appropriate field in the browser. Leave the Meeting Password blank.
  • Press the Join button in the browser.
  • Error dialog appears in the browser.

Hi @david.foster,

We’re currently investigating the meeting IDs with some accounts as they are unable to connect. Can you join a meeting using this meeting ID? 282087379


@Michael_Purnell I was able to join 282087379 using the SDK sample, but not meetings in my own account (sent you PMs).

Hi @stan_b,

Thanks, this is an ongoing issue with our Meeting IDs for certain accounts we have posted info here - Developer impacting changes during COVID-19. As soon as we resolve the issue, I’ll follow up.

@Michael_Purnell I was able to join that meeting using the SDK sample app for 1.7.4.

Hi @david,

If you could DM me the meeting ID that didn’t work for you and the developer account for marketplace, I’ll have Engineering take a look.


I am no longer able to reproduce, so I’m guessing the engineering team fixed something. Hopefully when I begin work tomorrow at 8 AM Pacific time, everything continues to work…

I do not have a record of the specific meeting ID that failed before, so I have nothing for you to trace.

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Per SDK 1.7.4, error modal title "Joining meeting timeout." message "The service is temporarily" I also have this working, but can’t use passwords that I used to be able to use because the /info endpoint doesn’t handle them due to HTML escaping.

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Hey @david.foster,

Glad to hear it is working for you!


Hey @stan_b,

Thanks for pointing that out, please use alphanumeric passwords until we fix the issue.