[Web SDK Client View v.2.2.0] Chrome v98 "Share this tab instead" Performance Issue

Starting Chrome v.98, which will be released on Feb. 1, 2022, “Share this tab instead” functionality will be available when sharing Chrome tab on Web SDK.

We did some testing with Web SDK Client View v.2.2.0 and Chrome 98 and we noticed a performance issue when using that functionality. It is more noticeable if you share videos (e.g. youtube)

Steps to reproduce the issue (with the zoom demo app)

  1. Using Chrome Beta v. 98.0.4758.66 join a meeting as a host
  2. On another device, join the same meeting as guest either using the Chrome version or Chrome Beta.
  3. Host will open 2 random videos on youtube on a separate tab
  4. Once both the users are already in the meeting, click on [Share Screen] > Chrome Tab on the host screen
  5. Select any of the videos opened on step 3 and play this video.
  6. Wait for the shared video be shown on the guest’s screen
  7. When it starts to show and moving on the guest’s screen, host will open the other tab with another video shown.
  8. Play that video and click on the “Share this tab instead” button. This should start the sharing of the video selected in this step to the guest’s screen.

Actual Result

Video on the guest’s screen is frozen for more than 1 minute.

Expected Result

Video on the guest’s screen should switch to the 2nd video being shared by the host. within just a few seconds. Even if you share a static page, it is the same. There is a long delay in updating the shared screen on the receiving side.

Additional info
We opened the following support ticket as well, you may find additional information there.

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Thank you for reporting this @nvivot! I took over the ticket and created an issue with our engineering team. I’ll follow up with you in the ticket.

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