Web SDK in-meeting chat messages not sending

Some additional information on this issue. When a chat message is submitted by one of the participants, a console error is logged for the recipient.

It is throwing a “Uncaught TypeError: a is undefined” at zoom-meeting-1.8.0.min.js:2:1919855. This seems to be a problem with “a.ImportKey” not being set at the time a chat message is sent.

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We are also seeing the issue @sales1 described in the 1.8.0 version though I have been unable to see any errors in the console or in the network tab.

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Any update on when we can expect a resolution?

Since HIPPA zoom prevents copy and pasting of chat, would that prevent chat from working in the SDK completely because it’s not really possible to fully prevent copy pasting chat?

Hey @sales1, @erichhansen, @sg_dev,

We are still looking into this issue. I will provide an update as soon as we figure out what is causing the chats not to send.


Any updates on this? Can we confirm whether or not it has to do with HIPPA zoom?