Web SDK version 1.7.9 is released!

With the continuation of our 90 day Security initiative , we’ve released a new version of the Web SDK version 1.7.9.
This additions to this version are ‘recaptcha feature for joining meetings’, ‘Rate limits for calling API Methods’ and enhancements such are ‘detailed error messages for troubleshooting’, and ‘enabling the WASM files to be downloaded before joining meetings’.

For full details about the 1.7.9 release, please visit the latest Web SDK change log page .

To get started, you can find the latest Web SDK version in the following locations:

  1. NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@zoomus/websdk
  2. Sample Web App repo: https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web
  3. Angular Sample App repo: https://github.com/zoom/websdk-sample-angular

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Is there a way to disable the reCaptcha feature through the websdk. I am getting an error where it says my browser is in incognito mode and it refused to let me move on. Ideally I can just disable the captcha feature as it is not something I want to use, but if it is required, I at least need a work around to make it work. I am using Web SDK 1.7.9 on Windows on the latest version of Chrome.

I am getting the same error that

same here, doesn’t work because of the captcha

I have read through the source code for ZoomMtg and there is no option to disable the re-captcha option.

it’s fine if cannot disable, but right now cannot even join the meeting, to be more precise what is this incognito mode means? we are not even in an incognito window

figured it out need to use port 80-/443 cannot use custom ports


Hi @pat.ransdell - Right now we do not have a way to disable reCaptcha feature. Are you only getting this error when you are in incognito mode correct?

@darragh.duffy @developer-whova - Is this when on local and incognito mode? Does this error only happens within incognito mode?

Here is our documentation, you will need to use ports 80/443 for reCaptcha feature to work[1].

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

1 - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/web/essential/start-join-meeting#joining-meetings-with-recaptcha-feature

Hi @Michael_Purnell - I am running port 443, and in an iframe. I am not running incognito - No I am not running locally.

@Michael_Purnell I am not running in incognito mode. Also in our dev environment we run off ports 80/443, however in prod we disable those for security reasons. Will we no longer be able to use zoom web sdk unless we are on those 2 ports?

Hi @Michael_Purnell - No I am not running locally.

Not working for us either in iframe using normal ports.

Hi, when I click “check Captcha”, nothing happens

here is captcha help doc

if you don’t run websdk 443/80, we provide fixed version

Hi Michael, sometimes there is no captcha and I can join the meeting directly. Is the captcha only displayed for untrusted browser?

you use iFrame, please check iFrame sandbox .
sandbox = “allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox”
other Recaptcha issue solve way please check. https://zoom.github.io/sample-app-web/captcha

1.7.9 for host(role=1) bypass Recaptcha checking.

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Hi Jack, is that mean, from now… hundred of my customers who using Safari as their web browser need re-configure their browser to allow cross-site-tracking, in order to join my webinar?

currently, for safari user, they had to re-configure their browser. we plan to fixed this issue by update zoom backend.


Am I allowed to use version 1.7.8 instead? i just checked, apparently there is no captcha and it work to join webinar…