Web SDK times out on Webinars

I’m getting a time-out error when I try to access a webinar using an iFrame. That same link as a meeting works just fine.

<script src="https://source.zoom.us/zoom-meeting-1.9.1.min.js"></script>

    var v=window.location.search.substring(1).split("&");
    let meetingNumber=v[0];
    let meetingPW=v[1] ? v[1].substr(4) : ""; 
        meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
        isSupportAV: true,
        apiKey: API_KEY,
        apiSecret: v[2],
        success(res) { Join(res.result); },

    function Join(signature)
            disableInvite: true,
            success: function () {
                    meetingNumber: meetingNumber,  passWord: meetingPW,
                    userName:v[3], userEmail: "",
                    signature: signature, apiKey: API_KEY,

yep getting this too

Hey @karlton , @bferster ,

Please share additional details like screenshots, the error message, and steps to reproduce the issue. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but I don’t access to a webinar account now. They went with standard meetings

here’s the dialog that pops up

As for the issue I had yesterday, there was a request from the zoom web SDK’s join method, and the response that came back, part of the JSON was:
errorMessage: “password lenght > 32”

yes, misspelling and everything. We hadn’t changed any code, that was a message being returned from Zoom’s server. I monitored it locally and a couple minutes after 3pm EST yesterday the issue was resolved. I am guessing Zoom pushed some updates that affected things on their side. So far our experience hasn’t been the same as yesterday either – right now I am testing with lots of lag, and am still debugging if it’s on my side or zooms. But yes, separate issue.

Hey @karlton,

Thank you for providing more information. Just to clarify, aside from the lag you’re tracking, the timeout issues seem to be resolved, is that correct?

When it comes to the issues with lag, please submit a new forum topic if you determine that the issues could be with the Zoom platform.

@bferster are you still seeing timeout errors?


My client went to meetings instead of webinar so I don’t know. Sorry.

Not to worry @bferster, I appreciate the update.

@karlton Please let us know ASAP if you encounter this issue in the future.


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